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Urban Healing Directory | Earth Amplified

Urban Healing Directory

This is a growing collection of healers who are committed to creating access for low-income communities in the Bay Area, either as a donation, full, or partial grant by S.O.S. Terms will be discussed on a case by case basis. This is a template to both serve as an example of what could be expressed in cities and towns across the country and as a way to grow with the communities pushing organized grassroots health care right now.

• Acupuncturists
• Family Constellation leaders
• Herbalist
• Indigenous Ceremony Keepers
• Martial Artists
• Massage Therapists
• Meditation Teachers
• Naturopathic Doctors
• Nutritionists
• Other Community Healing Programs
• Reiki Practicioners
• Shamanic Healers
• Sound Healers
• Transpersonal Psychologists

These people are grounded, compassionate, and skilled with their offerings. They are also clear about the reality and depth of the suffering in this world. They are humble and seek justice and betterment for all people, especially those without the privilege to partake of such deep work. If you want to donate to the Urban Healing Directory Fund please contact AshEL Seasunz @ seasunz3@gmail.com

Geraline Fortier


Be Well Integral Healing Space

Be Well Integral Healing Space is a complementary and alternative medicine clinic, providing acupuncture, massage therapy, naturopathic family medicine, homeopathy, and herbal medicine. Our vision is to provide a space for people to cultivate awareness, healthy life skills, and participate in healing experiences that are facilitated by compassionate, educated, and embodied practitioners. Living in this fast paced world makes it easy to forget that being natural is simple. Here at Be Well Integral Healing Space, we are devoted to the development, support, and maintenance of wellness.


Sukyo Mahikari

Sukyo means universal principles and Mahikari means light energy. The Sukyo Mahikari center is a place where people from any walk of life and different religions come to develop themselves in order to achieve their true potential as human beings. In Sukyo Mahikari, a positive, spiritual energy is transmitted from the palm of the hand to the receiver. This energy has also been referred to as light or true light. This energy purifies and revitalizes the spirit, mind, and body.

One of the best ways to initiate a natural and sustainable process of change in oneself, at the very deepest level of consciousness, is giving and receiving light energy and practicing the universal principles.

5pm to 7:30pm every Wed. @ 7th and Broadway, downtown Oakland.

La Ventana

Shimshai and Susana invite you to partake in ceremonial practices from the hoop of life that re-connect us to our essence. Through devotion, prayer, meditation and contemplation, we can reconnect to the source of the great mystery of creation. Learning how to pray and living in that prayer, we will find our essence and the divine work the creator has blessed us with, search spirituality with no religious affiliation. In this retreat we will journey to the inner world to examine ourselves, our outdated belief systems and habitual patterns, which keep us from moving forward in our lives. We will find clarity in our life and see the power and beauty that lies in each of us allowing us to blossom – to open up to LIVE our life’s purpose. The retreat will be a time to be quiet, reflect and look within, contact our intuition and open the channels of the heart in order to connect to our soul. Come willing to peel away the layers, be vulnerable and honest, to come to true understanding – that which comes from the heart not from the mind. Be prepared to experience and connect with mother earth, understand the rhythms of life and re-connect to the beauty of Ourselves. Each day we’ll begin with yoga, healing diet, prayer followed by circles of sharing, discussions on the mystery which connects us to the source, silent meditation, small vision quests, journaling and a special sacred water ceremony with music and prayer to honor the spirit of the water that surrounds us. Shimshai’s music will provide the backdrop of love and support to the truth of life we are searching to find. With songs like “All that I am”, “Pure” and “I Sense Your Presence”, combined with the sacred land, you are sure to find the answers you have been looking for. http://www.laventanaretreats.com/La_Ventana_Retreats/Welcome.html Please call AshEL Seasunz @ 415-845-9296.

Santa Cruz Area.

Scot Smith

Scott Smith graduated with a Master’s degree in Physical Therapy from Western University of Health Sciences, an osteopathic-based school. His professional interests include treating spinal disorders, repetitive strain and sports-related injuries, using ergodynamic, posture and yoga based approaches. His training includes Pilates and postural strengthening, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and agility and balance training. Scott es fluente en Español. http://www.berkeleypt.com/staff

East Bay, CA.

Family Constellations with Leslie Nipps


East Bay, CA.

Native American Health Center

In October of 2008, Native American Health Center reached a milestone. It was our 36th year of operation and saw the opening of our brand new Seven Directions facility. This project brings state of the art medical and dental resources to our community, a low-income and affordable family housing facility, as well as an outdoor ceremonial courtyard. The most important thing this project brings our community, though, is the knowledge that we can achieve great things when we strive to work together for the benefit of our future generations.

3124 International Blvd
Oakland, CA 94601

Treasure Your Health

Specializing in physical & spiritual healthcare using the ancient practice of Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine.

2346 Stuart St. Berkeley, CA 94602

Divine & the Urban Survivalist Movement

Complete your “M-Path Road Map”, which will provide you with Clarity around your journey to health and wellness. www.21stCenturySurvivalGuide.com/

Veenaa Saynana Laughing Dolphin

I synthesize my expertise on sound healing, acupressure, Yoga Nidra, shamanic techniques, soul retrieval, visualization and more to provide you with a experience that is deeply healing, relaxing and transformatively bliss-inducing! Need I say more?
My clients step out of the session looking and feeling years younger and lighter! One client even reported a huge shift in that he did not experience suicidal tendencies after his session.
I offer these out of a massage studio that I use on Shattuck & Linclon in Berkeley, very near the Bart, and just north of Cafe Gratitude. I also offer a free 15 minute consultation over the phone, where I will do an aura reading to locate blocked energy and issues that need attention.http://www.veenaasaynana.com/about/

West Oakland.

Attitudinal Healing Center

Attitudinal Healing Connection (AHC) builds healthy communities by breaking the cycle of violence. We provide platforms for creative expression and communication for children, youth, adults and families. Through our educational programs, workshops, events and healing circles, we cultivate skills in personal development, community leadership and the arts. AHC promotes the understanding that we can choose peace over conflict and love over fear. http://www.ahc-oakland.org/healingcircles.html

West Oakland.