S.o.S. Juice

SOS Juice Indigogo Fundraiser! Lets create health and green jobs in our communities!

SOS juice Fundraiser

A video showing the early beginnings of SoS Juice events:

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SOS Juice, in which the SOS stands for ‘System out of our System’, is a monthly food justice and health equity event inspired by Occupy, the Black Panthers free breakfast program, and Indigenous Wisdom and sacred ceremony.

These events have been powerful and have featured acclaimed artist and national speakers. However, I saw that in order for a deeper healing and transformation to happen, SoS Juice had to become a bigger ongoing business model that could provide jobs AND access to a healthier lifestyle.

These realizations prompted us to go into business. Sos juice is for everyone with a stomach. Customers will not only improve their own health, getting a good dose of their daily requirements of fruit and veggies in a cup, but also improve the health of communities impacted by poverty and the lack of access to healthy food and education by buying juice and smoothies via farmers markets and food trucks.

SOS juice will also support the waste reduction of existing food businesses, by participating in both the creation and networking of existing commercial kitchens focused on food recovery, food processing and distribution.

Each S.O.S Juice Event is a 3 hour or less session that features:

• Free Fresh organic juice – juiced on the spot!
• Live/skype interviews with national luminaries & artists promoting healthy lifestyles
• Local healing resources, internships, and green jobs
• Live health/nutrition presentations by local organizations & individuals
• Documentaries and topical videos
• Performances, live art, & snacks


Diabetes, Obesity, Cancer, Asthma, and other health issues affect African-American, Caribbean, Latino, Native American, and most urban communities at staggering rates.