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Want healthy communities? SoS Juice to the rescue


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Food Fight: Cereal Mascots N’ The Hood. Stay off the streets.

Guide and Tomato Throw

  The video is a urban gangster movie turned on its head — instead of street thugs coming in to steal money and groceries, this films shows guys in suits put things ON the shelf. The real damage to our kids and America is from these men at the top; the crimes of Big Ag […]


Earth Amplified Mixtape Volume 1!!!

Mixtape Volume 1

On Monday June 18th. 2012, as world leaders converge in Rio for the Earth Summit, Earth Amplified, the Bay Area’s celebrated green hip-hop/reggae band is releasing a new mixtape and music video, “Global WarNing,” to promote an international campaign launch to end fossil fuel subsidies. Earth Amplified has teamed up with national environmental and social […]


AshEl SeaSunz from Earth Amplified just finished starring in a hot Eco-Hop PSA!!! Its dope dont sleep!


Hope is not like a lottery ticket you can sit on the sofa and clutch… Hope is an ax you break down doors with in an emergency… Hope should shove you out the door, because it will take everything you have to steer the future away from endless war, from the annihilation of the Earth’s […]


Earth Amplified: The Album…

Earth Amp Cover

Can you believe that this 2010-2011 underground banger has not yet reached some virgin ears? Well if you haven’t peeped it, come check dem and wut dey Earth Sey! Hear why Kieth Tucker, founder of Pursuit of a Green Planet and www.hiphopisgreen.com, says “I’ve looked around for other “green” hip hop albums and your album […]


Earth Amplified Invited to Perform at Fox Film Studios, Hollywood!


On March 3rd, Earth Amplified will be performing for a world renowned group of scientists, celebrities and leaders as part of Singularity University’s VIP SESSION: “EXPONENTIAL TECHNOLOGIES EXECUTIVE PROGRAM.” The event is hosted by Fox CEO, Jim Gianopulos, Actor and Producer Danny DeVito, PhilanthropistsLyn and Norman Lear; Managing Editor of The Washington Post Raju Narisetti; […]


S.O.S Juice (System Out of Our System): live juice * urban art * awareness


Just days right after the Oakland PD made downtown Oakland look like a war zone, Michael Moore made a guest appearance. After listening to his inspiring talk, I joined a conversation with, Bay Area activist and emcee Sellassie (http://www.myspace.com/sellassie), J.R. from KPFA, Prison Radio, and the Block Report (http://www.blockreportradio.com/), and others about the current status […]


Protect & Preserve Indigenous People’s Sacred Burial Sites

Protect and Preserve Indigenous

Earth Amplified was humbled and honored to be invited to perform at the Liberation Day of the Land and help honor the warriors of Wounded Knee 1973 this past Monday Feb. 20th, 2012. There was great storytelling from Ms. Jessie Riddle, the spiritual advisor for Leonard Peltier. The event also featured movement updates from Tony […]


Feel Good Music Festival – Support healthy & conscious musicians!

Yoga Music Surf

Earth Amplified has teamed up with Chad Scott from the Feel Good music project! We are inviting you I to experience the Power of Positive music to elevate your life, the lives of at risk youth and change the world for the better. We’ve teamed up with 9 other Amazing and Gifted conscious music artists […]


Rest In Power – Wangari Mathaai

AshEl Wangari

Here is the first article of the Earth Voices Amplified series that Ashel Seasunz wrote about Wangari Mathaai to educate high school students around the country about this Nobel Peace Prize winner from Kenya: http://www.acespace.org/blog/2011/10/earth-voices-amplified-1-0-wangari-maathai-r-i-p/. The website connected directly to her and her work is http://www.greenbeltmovement.org/