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Earth Amplified: The Album…

Earth Amp Cover

Can you believe that this 2010-2011 underground banger has not yet reached some virgin ears? Well if you haven’t peeped it, come check dem and wut dey Earth Sey! Hear why Kieth Tucker, founder of Pursuit of a Green Planet and www.hiphopisgreen.com, says “I’ve looked around for other “green” hip hop albums and your album […]


S.O.S Juice (System Out of Our System): live juice * urban art * awareness


Just days right after the Oakland PD made downtown Oakland look like a war zone, Michael Moore made a guest appearance. After listening to his inspiring talk, I joined a conversation with, Bay Area activist and emcee Sellassie (http://www.myspace.com/sellassie), J.R. from KPFA, Prison Radio, and the Block Report (http://www.blockreportradio.com/), and others about the current status […]


Khnum “stic.man” Ibomu of dead prez – are you focused for 2012?

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Comrade, Khnum “stic” Ibomu, has definitely inspired us here at Earth Amplified. We have listened to and admired Dead Prez from the beginning as a crucial voice of truth in hip-hop. It is refreshing and empowering to know that in 2012 hip-hop does not only speak truth to power to revolutionize the world, but also […]