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In 2010, Seasunz and J. Bless rocked the underground with the seminal “Green Hip Hop” album, Earth Amplified. Now, Earth Amplified is a four-piece band that has heated up stages across the nation with artists ranging from Blackalicious, Dead Prez, Midnite, The Rebirth Brass Band and more. The band plays hard hitting, conscious ‘Roots-Rap-Reggae’, and is here to uplift the people and the planet. Earth Amplified bridges the “Occupy Wall Street” movement and the urban underground. This is eco-culture that bangs.

The Intention of this website is to promote Earth Amplified, both the album and the band. Second, we aim to amplify the critical work and voices around the world, especially in our urban centers, who are bridging the gap between the streets and the stars. They liberate themselves to elevate others. They are healers, revolutionaries, and poets. They may live in the city but they grow their own food. They work to bring youth in contact with their indigeneous ancestors, the wisdom of our elders, and the Earth herself. They are hip-hop AND absorb life from all forms of music, dance, and expression for they know that love is the way even though the paths are many. Because they seek truth and sit with reality, they are warriors of the rainbow. As in the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. currently popularized by Drew Dellinger: “We must planetize the movement”. Welcome to the gates.

AshEL Seasunz

Ashel Eldridge aka Seasunz, originally from Chicago is a frontman emcee, vocalist, producer, and the founder of Earth Amplified. Based in Oakland, he performs and presents his conscious music, poetry and spiritual activism nationally. Seasunz has shared stages with the likes of Bassnectar, Wisdom, Dead Prez, Midnite, Blackalicious, Jazz Mafia, KRS-One, Zion I, Ozomatli, Damien and Stephen Marley, Michael Franti, Steel Pulse, Anthony B., Killah Priest, Warrior King, and more. His acclaimed CD release, Earth Amplified, is a fierce tribute to the Earth and peoples’ liberation. Seasunz is an educator with the Alliance for Climate Education in Oakland, CA, and a Green For All Fellow. He is a co-founder of United Roots – Oakland’s Green Youth Arts and Media Center, where he serves as the Health and Sustainability Coordinator. He is also a co-founder of CommuniTree, Oakland Resilience Alliance, and the father of a new baby boy. Facebook him here.

Ambessa the Articulate

Ambessa, longtime Bay Area emcee and frontman, has served as a vanguard for conscious expression and cultural diversity with his former group FIYAWATA and now as Ambessa the Articulate or Ambessa FIYAPOWA, where he spreads a message of spiritual liberation and self-awareness. His passion for empowering young people to reach their greatest potential is unrelenting and serves as an inspiration to both his personal and professional colleagues. Ambessa holds a B.A. in Marketing from York College and has also served as a program manager for stellar Bay Area organizations such as Leadership Excellence and as an educator with Alliance For Climate Education (www.acespace.org). Clever, electric, raucous and intoxicating, Ambessa is dedicated to spreading a message of celebration, spiritual activism, liberation and musical excellence. Facebook him here.

Travis De Leon Porter

Travis serves as Earth Amplified’s drummer and DJ. He has been playing music in the Bay Area since 2001. He is a founder of the Band of Mystics, and works with dozens of singers, rappers and songwriters, including the Luminaries, FIYAWATA, WiseProof, Mama Crow, Lila Rose, Jaqueline Deyabu, Taj Angelo, Singing Bear, Outlaw Dervish, and more.


MC Seneca Will Schachter has been creating inspiring music and booty-movin’ beats since 1987, when he first began playing with local drummers in his hometown of Gainesville, Florida. Since then, Seneca has continued to rock sold-out shows in the San Francisco Bay area and around the country. As an MC, producer and activist, Seneca’s fresh and energetic spirit motivates audiences to look deeper into their lives, question the prevailing status quo, and instigate change in the world, while his unique beats and lyrical style successfully merge activism and hip-hop into a force for transformation and consciousness. He not only works for three non profits in SF and Oakland but performs regularly with such groups as the Jazz Mafia, MugPush, SpaceHeaters Blast Furnace, and more. Seneca has been blessed to share the stage with hip-hop greats KRS 1, Mos Def, Dj Qbert, Myka 9, P.E.A.C.E, Killa Priest, Baba Zumbi, Raashan Ahmad, and many more. Seneca currently lives in Oakland, California, where he enthusiastically organizes for Planting Justice (www.plantingjustice.org), a non-profit dedicated to food, economic, and environmental equality throughout the world. http://Lionsmoke.com

J. Bless

Brooklyn-based producer J.Bless began crafting beats in his early teens, inspired by the classic Hip Hop of the late 80’s and early 90’s. Born in Queens and raised in Western Massachusetts, he started with makeshift keyboards, a 4-track tape recorder, and years of piano lessons, including performing with a jazz group in high school, before trading up for an ASR-10. He later linked with fellow Massachusetts crew Masypke (Bukarance Records), recording and producing on various projects with them. Also having performed and recorded as an MC, J.Bless brings an MC’s perspective to his beats, often envisioning flows and hooks to fit the beats as he makes them. J.Bless has had music featured on NYC’s Rude Movement mixes and his track “Speaking With Rhymes (Dub)” was featured on 2007’s Basement Soul – Volume 1 (UniqueUncut Records, England) and charted on various DJ’s playlists. More recently, he has produced, mixed and recorded two albums with Oakland, California based emcee Seasunz, 2007’s Solar Stereo and 2010’s Earth Amplified, In 2011, his underground favorite “Slick” was re-released on 7″ vinyl by Vienna-based label The Loud Minority, and he is currently working with Brooklyn-based Möbius Collective, Jahdan Blakkamore and Noble Society on projects to be released in 2012.

Alli Chagi – Starr

She is a lifelong social change maker, cultural organizer and dancer/choreographer. She was a founding staff member of Green For All, and is the co-founder of Art in Action Youth Leadership Program and United Roots: Green Youth Arts & Media Center in Oakland, CA. Her essays about innovative activism have appeared in multiple publications. She facilitates workshops on cultural organizing and developing creative tools for social transformation, eco-justice and movement building. In addition to being the proud mother of a new baby, Akai, she has also started a new business called Artivista Productions & Consulting: Cultural Arts for Community Transformation. Earth Amplified is one of her clients and can be reached at artivista.consulting@gmail.com